"Kicking the Moon Around" Full Movie

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Title : Kicking the Moon Around

Genre :

Cast : Bert Ambrose (Himself), Evelyn Dall (Pepper Martin), Harry Richman (Harry), Florence Desmond (Flo Hadley), Hal Thompson (Bobbie Hawkes), C. Denier Warren (Mark Browd), Leslie Carew (Streamline), Julian Vedey (Herbert Stoker), Max Bacon (Gus), Davy Burnaby (Magistrate), George Carney (Police Constable Truscott), Edward Rigby (Prof. Scattlebury), Maureen O'Hara (Secretary)

Movie Plot : Kicking the Moon Around is a 1938 British musical comedy film directed by Walter Forde and starring Bert Ambrose, Evelyn Dall and Harry Richman. In an effort to discover whether his fiancee is a golddigger a millionaire's son pretends to have lost all his money. The film marked Maureen O'Hara's screen debut as she made a cameo appearance speaking one line.

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