"Flight for Freedom" Full Movie

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Title : Flight for Freedom

Genre : Drama

Cast : Rosalind Russell (Tonie Carter), Fred MacMurray (Randy Britton), Herbert Marshall (Paul Turner), Eduardo Ciannelli (Johnny Salvini), Walter Kingsford (Admiral Graves), Hugh Beaumont (Flight Instructor), Richard Loo (Mr. Yokahata), Shirley Lew (Mrs. Yokahata)

Movie Plot : 1943 fictionalised biopic about aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, who disappeared over the central Pacific Ocean in 1937. In the film, Rosalind Russell plays the Earhart alter ego, called Tonie Carter, and Fred MacMurray is her love interest and pilot colleague. In the film, the world famous female pilot sacrifices herself over the Pacific during a world flight in 1937, in order to enable the US Navy to fly over and photograph some secret Japanese installations on nearby islands while pretending to search for her plane.

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