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Title : Barbary Coast Gent

Genre : Western, Comedy

Cast : Wallace Beery (Honest Plush Brannon), Binnie Barnes (Lil Damish), John Carradine (Duke Cleat), Bruce Kellogg (Bradford Bellamy III), Frances Rafferty (Portia Adair), Chill Wills (Sheriff Hightower), Noah Beery (Pete Hanibal (as Noah Beery Sr.)), Henry O'Neill (Colonel Watrous), Ray Collins (Johnny Adair), Morris Ankrum (Alec Veeder), Donald Meek (Bradford Bellamy I), Louise Beavers (Bedelia), Paul Hurst (Jake Compton), Paul E. Burns (Tim Shea), Harry Hayden (Elias Porter), Addison Richards (Wade Gamelin), Victor Kilian (Curry Slake), Cliff Clark (Jack Coda), George Reed (Josephus), Fred 'Snowflake' Toones (Train Porter), Robert Emmett O'Connor (Joe the Bartender (uncredited))

Movie Plot : Honest Plush Brannon is a con-man thrown out of the Barbary Coast in San Francisco in the 1880s and headed for the gold rush region of Nevada. He discovers a real mine which lead to several complications.

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