"Swing Out the Blues" Full Movie

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Title : Swing Out the Blues

Genre : Music, Comedy

Cast : Bob Haymes (Rich Cleveland), Lynn Merrick (Penelope Carstairs), The Vagabonds (Musical Ensemble), Janis Carter (Dena Marshall), Tim Ryan (Judge Dudley Gordon), Joyce Compton (Kitty Grogan), Arthur Q. Bryan (Larry Stringfellow), Kathleen Howard (Aunt Amanda), John Eldredge (Gregg Talbot), Dick Elliott (Malcolm P. Carstairs), Lotte Stein (The Duchess), Tor Johnson (Weightlifter)

Movie Plot : The film is partly a parody of The Goodwill Court, a popular radio problem hosted by advice-dispenser "Mr. Anthony". The host of a "What's your problem?" radio hour tries to smooth the romantic path of singer Rich Cleveland (Haymes) and his socialite wife Penelope (Lynn Merrick). The fly in the ointment is Dena Marshall (Janis Carter), who has set her sights on the handsome Rich.

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