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Title : That's My Baby!

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Music

Cast : Richard Arlen (Tim Jones), Ellen Drew (Betty Moody), Leonid Kinskey (Doctor Svatsky), Minor Watson (R. P. (Phineas) Moody), Richard Bailey (Hilton Payne), Marjorie Manners (Miss Wilson), Madeline Grey (Hettie Moody), Alex Callam (Doctor Calloway), P.J. Kelly (Henry Austin, Barber), Jack Chefe (Pierre, a Waiter), Mike Riley (Mike Riley), Freddie Fisher (Freddie Fisher), Lita Baron (Isabelita), The Guadalajara Trio (The Guadalajara Trio), Dewey 'Pigmeat' Markham (Pigmeat), William Benedict (Office boy)

Movie Plot : A love triangle occurs between the publisher's daughter Betty Moody. comic book artist Tim Jones, and the company's wily manipulative manager Hilton Payne. In addition, Betty's dad, Phineas Moody suffers from severe melancholy; and an emergency cure of laughter is required to save his health.

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