"The Monster and the Ape" Full Movie

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Title : The Monster and the Ape

Genre : Action, Crime, Science Fiction

Cast : Robert Lowery (Ken Morgan), George Macready (Prof. Ernst), Ralph Morgan (Prof. Franklin Arnold), Carole Mathews (Babs Arnold), Willie Best (Flash), Jack Ingram (Dick Nordik), Anthony Warde (Joe Flint), Ted Mapes (Joe Butler), Eddie Parker (Blake), Stanley Price (Mead), Charles King (First Cop with Thor), Kenneth MacDonald (Police Inspector Hamilton), Bud Osborne (Mason), Ray Corrigan (Thor), John Elliott (Prof. Marsden), Kit Guard (Zoo Guard)

Movie Plot : A famous scientist invents a humanoid robot (the titular "monster"), so a greedy rival scientist plans to steal it for use in his criminal plans. His henchmen often kidnap a trained gorilla (the titular "ape") from the zoo, to aid in the schemes.

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