"A Lion Is in the Streets" Full Movie

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Title : A Lion Is in the Streets

Genre : Drama

Cast : James Cagney (Hank Martin), Barbara Hale (Verity Wade), Anne Francis (Flamingo McManamee), Warner Anderson (Jules Bolduc), John McIntire (Jeb Brown), Jeanne Cagney (Jennie Brown), Lon Chaney Jr. (Spurge McManamee), Frank McHugh (Frank Rector), Larry Keating (Robert L. Castleberry IV), Onslow Stevens (Guy Polli), James Millican (Samuel T. Beach), Mickey Simpson (Tim Beck, Blacksmith), Sara Haden (Lula May McManamee), Ellen Corby (Singing Woman), Lee Aaker (Johnny Briscoe)

Movie Plot : A charismatic peddler from the bayous finds his true calling in politics. Is he a demagogue in the making?

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