"Days and Nights in the Forest" Full Movie

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Title : Days and Nights in the Forest

Genre : Drama

Cast : Soumitra Chatterjee (Asim), Samit Bhanja (Hari, Harinath), Subhendu Chatterjee (Sanjoy), Sharmila Tagore (Aparna), Pahadi Sanyal (Sadashiv Tripathi), Kaberi Bose (Jaya), Simi Garewal (Duli), Aparna Sen (), Rabi Ghosh (Shekhar)

Movie Plot : Four friends from Calcutta who have very different personalities make a holiday excursion into the country, to a tiny village in the state of Bihar where they set themselves up in a bungalow. A series of minor events, all connected to their respective reactions to their new environment, reveals their characters more deeply.

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