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Title : The Games

Genre : Drama

Cast : Michael Crawford (Harry Hayes - British Competitor), Ryan O'Neal (Scott Reynolds - US Commentator), Charles Aznavour (Pavel Vendek - Czech Competitor), Jeremy Kemp (Jim Harcourt), Elaine Taylor (Christine), Stanley Baker (Bill Oliver), Athol Compton (Sunny Pintubi - Australian Competitor), Rafer Johnson (Commentator - Himself), Kent Smith (Kaverley), Sam Elliott (Richie Robinson), Mona Washbourne (Mrs. Hayes), Reg Lye (Gilmour), June Jago (Mae Harcourt), Don Newsome (Cal Wood), Stephanie Beacham (Angela Simmonds), Hugh McDermott (), Adrian Metcalfe (Commentator - Himself), Ron Pickering (Commentator - Himself), Colin Jeavons (Earnest Man), Basil Dignam (Sir Harold), John Alkin (John), Bob Cunningham (Fred Gardner), Paddy Webster (Jocelyn), Alexander Werner (Yuri Vendek), Emmy Werner (Vera Vendek), Dale Ishimoto (Japanese Doctor), Tina Carter (Miss Gibb), Gwendolyn Watts (Barmaid), Warren Stanhope (), Karel Stepanek (Kubitsek), Fritz Wepper (Gregorye Kovanda), John Flanagan (Frat Boy), Kenneth Nelson (Frat Boy in Drinking Contest), Leigh Taylor-Young (College Co-Ed), George Roubicek (Mark), Norman Mitchell (Smithy), Rick Lester (Track Athlete), Roy Beck (Australian Olympic Team), Lionel Murton (US Team VIP), Marianne Stone ()

Movie Plot : From Great Britain, the United States, France, Italy, Australia and behind the Iron Curtain. They are the most superbly conditioned animals in the world. They are also the pawns of powerful nations, the victims of dangerous drugs and the object of many men's ambitions. Once every four years they come together...for the Olympic Games.

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