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Title : The Games

Genre :

Cast : Michael Crawford (Harry Hayes), Ryan O'Neal (Scott Reynolds), Charles Aznavour (Pavel Vendek), Jeremy Kemp (Jim Harcourt), Elaine Taylor (Christine), Stanley Baker (Bill Oliver), Athol Compton (Sunny Pintubi), Rafer Johnson (Commentator), Kent Smith (Kaverley), Sam Elliott (Richie Robinson), Mona Washbourne (Mrs. Hayes), Reg Lye (Gilmour), June Jago (Mae Harcourt), Don Newsome (Cal Wood), Hugh McDermott (), Adrian Metcalf (Commentator), Ron Pickering (Commentator), Colin Jeavons (Earnest Man), Stephanie Beacham (Angela Simmonds)

Movie Plot : Four marathon runners (one from England, one from the U.S., a Czech and an Australian Aborigine) prepare to run in the Olympic games. The film follows each one and shows what their motivations are for running in the games.

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