"Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo" Full Movie

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Title : Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Family, Action, Adventure

Cast : Dean Jones (Jim Douglas), Don Knotts (Wheely Applegate), Julie Sommars (Diane Darcy), Jacques Marin (Inspector Bouchet), Roy Kinnear (Quincey), Bernard Fox (Max), Eric Braeden (Bruno Von Stickle), Xavier Saint-Macary (Detective Fontenoy), François Lalande (Monsieur Ribeaux), Alan Caillou (Emile), Laurie Main (Duval), Mike Kulcsar (Claude), Johnny Haymer (Race Official), Stanley Brock (Taxi Driver), Gérard Jugnot (Waiter), Jean-Marie Proslier (Doorman), Tom McCorrey (Showroom M.C.), Lloyd Nelson (Mechanic), Jean-Jacques Moreau (Truck Driver), Yveline Briere (Girl Friend), Sébastien Floche (French Tourist), Madeleine Damien (Old Woman), Alain Janey (Man at Cafe), Raoul Delfosse (Police Captain), Edward Marcus (Exhibit M.C.), Dick Warlock (Driver), Jerry Brutsche (Driver), Kevin Johnston (Driver), Bob Harris (Driver), Carey Loftin (Driver), Jesse Wayne (Driver), Bill Erickson (Driver), Regis Parton (Driver), Josiane Balasko ((uncredited)), André Penvern (French Policeman (uncredited))

Movie Plot : Herbie, the Volkswagen Beetle with a mind of its own, is racing in the Monte Carlo Rally. But thieves have hidden a cache of stolen diamonds in Herbie's gas tank, and are now trying to get them back.

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