"La conquista de Albania" Full Movie

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Title : La conquista de Albania

Genre : Adventure, Drama, History

Cast : Xabier Elorriaga (Luis de Navarra), Klara Badiola (Juana de Anjou), Chema Muñoz (), Walter Vidarte (), Miguel Arribas (), José María Tasso (Xemen), Ramón Barea (), Patxi Bisquert (), Clara Calparsoro (), Amaia Lasa (), William Layton (), Félix Rotaeta (), Paco Sagárzazu (), Francisco Sanz (), Alicia Sánchez ()

Movie Plot : King Carlos II of Spain (r. 1665-1700) once sent his brother Luis to lead a military expedition into Albania and conquer that land for the Spaniards. Since Albania was a part of the dowry of Luis' wife, it seemed like a reasonable idea at the time. While that expedition and its final battle is the subject of this historical film, the scale involved can hardly do justice to the concept. The protagonists talk incessantly, and by the time they get down to the final grand battle, it turns out to be a skirmish between several dozen men.

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