"Dead Target" Full Movie

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Title : Dead Target

Genre : Crime, Action

Cast : Sharon Kwok Sau-Wan (), Chin Siu Ho (), Poon Chi-Man (Chung Ying Ho), Philip Ling Fei-Lik (), Simon Chui Yee-Ang (), Lau Shung-Fung (), Tang Tai-Wo (), Mak Wai-Cheung ()

Movie Plot : An evil Caucasian jewel smuggler named Robertson (Conwyn Sperry) enlists a small army to steal a map leading to a rare Chinese treasure hidden in Thailand; however, a grandfather and his daughter (Chin Siu Ho, Sharon Louise Kwok) evade the villain's forces while passing through what looks like a paid advertisement for the country's scenic and cultural wonders. The movie's nearly dense as granite with fight and chase scenes, a few of them quite witty, as well as near deadly encounters with drag queens, alligators, river torrents, kung fu elephants, and hot flying vegetables

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