"Life Among the Cannibals" Full Movie

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Title : Life Among the Cannibals

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Kieran Mulroney (Jasper James), Juliet Landau (Rachel), Mason Adams (Francis), Bette Ford (Betty), Daryl Haney (Troy), Wings Hauser (Vince), Bruce Kronenberg (Butch), Lionel Mark Smith (Detective Bob), Billy Maddox (Detective Jim), Anthony Welch (Detective Charlie), Jim Turner (Detective Greg), Deborah Stambler (Brunette Whore), Alexandra Wentworth (Suicidal Singer), Barbara Pilavin (Foreign Woman), Andrea Lauren Herz (Camus Reader), Harry Bromley Davenport (Sweeper), Liami Laurence (Adolph), Clynell Jackson III (Kimba), Jamie Beardsley (Labia)

Movie Plot :

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