"The Night Is My Kingdom" Full Movie

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Title : The Night Is My Kingdom

Genre : Drama

Cast : Jean Gabin (Raymond Pinsard), Simone Valère (Louise Louveau), Suzanne Dehelly (Soeur Gabrielle), Robert Arnoux (Julien Latour), Gérard Oury (Lionel Moreau), Marthe Mercadier (Simone), Jacques Dynam (Jean Gaillard), Cécile Didier (Mme Pinsard), Georges Lannes (le docteur Vaugeois), Marcelle Arnold (Germaine Latour)

Movie Plot : After an accident Raymond has gone blind .His family treats him like a child .But fortunately ,a nun comes to his rescue.She works in a center where blind people learn to read with the Braille alphabet.

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