"Night of Horror" Full Movie

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Title : Night of Horror

Genre : Horror

Cast : Steve Sandkuhler (Steve), Gae Schmitt (Colleen), Rebecca Bach (Susan), Jeff Canfield (Jeff), Tony Malanowski (Chris Marker)

Movie Plot : Steve's buddy Chris can't understand why he's reluctant to play in their band. So, one night at Steve's house, he tells Chris a story about traveling to Baltimore to meet up with his brother Jeff so they can check out a cabin in Virginia left to them by their father. They hit the road in a rv, along with Colleen, Jeff's wife, and her friend Susan. Along the way, Steve finds out Colleen can see ghosts and starts playing footsy with her after she reads a Edgar Allen Poe story. When they reach the cabin, they are approached by the ghosts of Confederate soldiers who tell them stories about their dead captain.

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