Valiant Venezuela 1939

Venezuela was one of the first countries in South America to break away from its Spanish colonial rule, and in spite of it remains one of the most developed countries on the continent. Much of this history is due to the great South American liberator, Simón Bolivar, with many monuments and historic sites dedicated to his memory. The country's Spanish heritage is evident in its culture and in its peoples. This travelogue of Venezuela begins in the port city of La Guaira, one of the stops on Christopher Columbus' new world route. From there, the trip goes on land by motor car over the mountains to the cosmopolitan city of Caracas, capital of the country. From there, the journey heads to the countryside to present the country's vast resources and agriculture, with sugar cane being one of the main crops. The country is dotted with lakes, with Lake Valencia being one of the most well known.

The Venezuelan Corner 2005

The story of a Venezuelan family that emigrates to New York and opens an arepera restaurant. Looking to attract customers, Gloria, the mother of the family, tries adopting American business practices while also seeking customers among the local Venezuelan community. But the Venezuelan community is politically divided.

Willie Colón & Rubén Blades - Live In Venezuela 1998

Concert in Venezuela at the July 1998 under the AMNISTIA festival. Here Ruben forgets a part of the lyrics and the musicians, although they still play, are surprised at what happened. TrackList 01. Que Sera 02. Pablo Pueblo 03. Idilio 04. Pedro Navaja 05. Gitana 06. Buscando Guayaba 07. El Gran Varon 08. Nacimiento De Ramiro 09. Plástico 10. Plantacion adentro, 11. Homenaje a Hector Lavoe

Pasaje a Venezuela 1957

Andrew is a dreamer, he is young and ambitious and he works in a bank. He doesn't earn much money so one of his friends, who lives in Venezuela, encourages him to go there and look for oportunities. The only porblem is Carmen, the girl who is in love with, but despite this, his final goal is to go to Venezuela.

Venezuela Jungle Jam 2012

The latest film from the Belgian climbing team, following Asgard Jamming and Vertical Sailing Greenland, Venezuela Jungle Jam features Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll, Nico Favresse, Stephane Hanssens and Jean-Louis Wertz as they attempt a new free climb on the overhanging 500m wall of Amuri Tepul in the Venezuelan Jungle.

Chavez, Venezuela and the new Latin America

Interviews with Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, head of the Venezuelan Armed Forces Jorge García Carneiro, and other Venezuelans involved in the country's social programs. Chávez discusses the "Bolivarian revolution," the policies of his administration, the role of oil in the Venezuelan economy and relations with the United States. García Carneiro discusses the failed coup against Chávez in 2002

El Pueblo Soy Yo: Venezuela en Populismo 2019

The country that once had the highest economic growth in the world is now a benchmark of collapse and misery. I Am The People: Venezuela Under Populism is a documentary film that sets out to expose the skillful mechanisms of authoritarian power in the government initiated by Hugo Chávez and continued by Nicolás Maduro.

Women of Venezuelan Chaos 2018

Five Venezuelan women, from different backgrounds and generations, draw a portrait of their collapsing country that faces possibly its worst social, economic, power and political crisis in its 200-year-history.

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