"You're in the Army Now" Full Movie

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Title : You're in the Army Now

Genre : Comedy

Cast : Jimmy Durante (Jeeper Smith), Phil Silvers (Breezy Jones), Jane Wyman (Bliss Dobson), Regis Toomey (Captain Radcliffe), Donald MacBride (Colonel Dobson), Joe Sawyer (Sergeant Madden), Clarence Kolb (General Winthrop), Paul Harvey (General Philpot), George Meeker (Captain Austin), Paul Stanton (Lt. Colonel Rogers), William Haade (Sergeant Thorpe), John Maxwell (Army Doctor), Etta McDaniel (Della), Kay Aldridge (Navy Blues Sextette Member), Peggy Diggins (Navy Blues Sextette Member), Marguerite Chapman (Navy Blues Sextette Member), Georgia Carroll (Navy Blues Sextette Member), Alix Talton (Navy Blues Sextette Member), Leslie Brooks (Navy Blues Sextette Member), Matty Malneck (Matty Malneck and his Orchestra)

Movie Plot : Incompetent door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesmen become enlisted without their knowledge.

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