"Drop Out - Nippelsuse schlägt zurück" Full Movie

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Title : Drop Out - Nippelsuse schlägt zurück

Genre : Drama

Cast : Beatrice Manowski (Marion Niplowski [Nippelsuse]), Erdal Yildiz (Bulle), Axel Pape (Louis), Martina Schießer (Karin Semmelrogge), Robert Viktor Minich (Micky), Lars Pape (Bodybuilder), Barbara Philipp (Ann Katrin), Peter Horkay (DJ), Neal Wach (Nils), Jürgen Görlitz (Dr. Jürgen), István Horkay (Hausmeister), Alexander Fialski (Nils Sohn), Andrea Schempp (Rita)

Movie Plot : Marion, also known as Nippelsuse, leaves her boyfriend and has to find new accommodation as well as a job. She decides to become a private detective. She immediately gets a case to follow someone's unfaithful girlfriend.

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