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Title : A Thousand Times Good Night

Genre : Drama

Cast : Juliette Binoche (Rebecca), Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Marcus), Lauryn Canny (Stephanie), Adrianna Cramer Curtis (Lisa), Maria Doyle Kennedy (Theresa), Larry Mullen Jr. (Tom), Mads Ousdal (Stig), Chloë Annett (Jessica), Bush Moukarzel (Brian), Eve Macklin (Brian's girlfriend), Des Nealon (Elderly man), Jonathan Byrne (Marine Biologist), Najat Azgar (Suicide bomber), Zoubida Akif (Ariana), Jameela Shafaq (Translator), Omar Elmouden (Driver), Catriona Nimhurchu (Teacher in Dublin), Peter Sexton (Stephanie’s Classmate), Anna Leah Thorseth Poppe (Stephanie’s Friend), Rory Nolan (Father 1), Peter Coonan (Father 2), Cathy Belton (Mother 1), Denise McCormack (Mother 2), Ciara Gallagher (Child 1), Ciara Phelan (Child 2), Youssef Marchouki (Young Moujahideen Man), Mohammed Soussi (Elderly Man), Ahmed El Aoud (Bombmaker)

Movie Plot : On assignment while photographing a female suicide bomber in Kabul, Rebecca – one of the world’s top war photojournalists - gets badly hurt. Back home, another bomb drops as her husband and daughters give her an ultimatum: her work or her family.

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