"Kind Hearts and Coronets" Full Movie

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Title : Kind Hearts and Coronets

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Cast : Dennis Price (Louis), Valerie Hobson (Edith), Joan Greenwood (Sibella), Alec Guinness (The D'Ascoyne Family: The Duke / The Banker / The Parson / The General / The Admiral / Young Ascoyne / Young Henry / Lady Agatha), Audrey Fildes (Mama), Miles Malleson (The Hangman), Clive Morton (The Prison Governor), John Penrose (Lionel), Cecil Ramage (Crown Counsel), Hugh Griffith (Lord High Steward), John Salew (Mr. Perkins), Eric Messiter (Burgoyne), Lyn Evans (The Farmer), Barbara Leake (The Schoolmistress), Peggy Ann Clifford (Maud), Anne Valery (The Girl in the punt), Arthur Lowe (The Reporter), Peter Gawthorne (First Lord Delivering Verdict (uncredited)), Molly Hamley-Clifford (Lady Redpole (uncredited)), Leslie Handford (Gamekeeper Hoskins (uncredited)), Cavan Malone (Young Graham (uncredited)), Jeremy Spenser (Young Louis (uncredited)), Carol White (Young Sibella (uncredited)), Laurence Naismith (Warder in Jail (uncredited)), Gordon Phillott (Clerk of Parliament (uncredited)), Richard Wattis (Defence Counsel (uncredited)), Harold Young (Captain (uncredited))

Movie Plot : Louis Mazzini's mother belongs to the aristocratic family D'Ascoyne, but she ran away with an opera singer. Therefore, she and Louis were rejected by the D'Ascoynes. Once adult, Louis decides to avenges his mother and him, by becoming the next Duke of the family. Murdering every potential successor is clearly the safest way to achieve his goal.

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