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Title : The Interrupted Journey

Genre : Thriller

Cast : Richard Todd (John North), Valerie Hobson (Carol North), Christine Norden (Susan Wilding), Tom Walls (Mr. Clayton), Alexander Gauge (Jerves Wilding), Ralph Truman (Inspector Waterson), Vida Hope (Miss Marchmont), Dora Bryan (the waitress), Vincent Ball (the first workman), Jack Vyvyan (the second workman), Cyril Smith (Publican), Elsie Wagstaff (Wilding's maid), Dora Sevening (Mrs. Wilding senior), Nigel Neilson (Sergeant Sanger), Arthur Lane (Constable Cowley), Geoffrey Bellman (a passenger), Alan Gordon (the ticket inspector), Hope Matthews (elderly gentleman), Roger Moore (the soldier in Paddington café), Arnold Ridley (Mr. Saunders), Gwynneth Vaughan (the girl with the soldier)

Movie Plot : When John North, a budding author, pulls the communication cord of a late night train that is taking him away on a weekend with his publishers wife, he sets in motion a series of events that lead to a train crash, a murder and a police man hunt, but all is not what it seems.

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