"The 9th Life of Louis Drax" Full Movie

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Title : The 9th Life of Louis Drax

Genre : Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller, Drama

Cast : Jamie Dornan (Dr. Allan Pascal), Sarah Gadon (Natalie Drax), Aaron Paul (Peter Drax), Molly Parker (Dalton), Aiden Longworth (Louis Drax), Oliver Platt (Dr. Perez), Barbara Hershey (Violet Drax), Julian Wadham (Dr. Janek), Jane McGregor (Sophie), Fiona Vroom (Receptionist), Terry Chen (Elliott), Anjali Jay (Macy), Lina Roessler (Caitlin), Luke Camilleri (Alex), Alex Zahara (Eduardo Navarra), Beckham Skodje (Louis (Age 2)), Anthony Shudra (Milo), Nels Lennarson (Morgue Technician), Michael Adamthwaite (Doctor (C-Section)), Iris Paluly (Psych Patient #1), David Lloydy (Psych Patient #2), Justin Bowe (Jack), Sarah-Jane Redmond (Helen), Adam Abrams (X-Ray Doctor), Alex Zahara (Navarra), Goldie Hoffman (ER Nurse), Randi Lynne (ER Nurse), John Hainsworth (ER Patient), Spencer Drever (Bully Kid (uncredited)), Dakota Guppy (Young Girl (uncredited))

Movie Plot : A psychologist who begins working with a young boy who has suffered a near-fatal fall finds himself drawn into a mystery that tests the boundaries of fantasy and reality.

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